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Climate Himalaya

Climate Himalaya

Climate Himalaya is an organisation dedicated towards establishing a knowledge network that incorporates and discusses various innovative means to develop adaptation action in the Himalayan region. Bridging the existing knowledge gap by serving as a link between practice, science, policy and decision making towards climate change and sustainable development is the basic premise of Climate Himalaya’s vision. 

To this effect the organisation engages in advocacy, extensive research, capacity building and awareness generation activities by partnering with other organizations working on similar themes (ecosystems, water, forests and livelihood) and with a primary focus on developing a knowledge sharing platform. The geographical scope of its operation includes India, Nepal and Pakistan (in initial stages) as well as China and Bangladesh (in future through networking partners’ initiatives). 

Three key points that form the foundational framework for Climate Himalaya are:
Fostering knowledge
Fostering innovation
Fostering climate change adaptation

Read more at http://chimalaya.org/