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Gender and State Climate Change Action Plans in India

Research Partners 

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (www.csa-india.org) : CSA partners AF in scientifically documenting adaptation-friendly farming practices in three agro-climatic zones – the drought-prone region of Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, the coastal zone in Sunderbans, West Bengal and the flood-prone plains in Gorakhpur, Eastern Uttar Pradesh. This technical organisation helps gather data on parameters like retention of soil moisture and organic matter for crops to survive longer in extended drought of waterlogged periods, reduced soil salinity and climate-resilient crops with fuel/fodder as by-products. AF brings to this analysis a strong livelihoods perspective on how these farming practices help or impede the work burden of men and of women and what role government policies play in this.


Centre for Budgeting and Governance and Accountability (www.cbgaindia.org): CBGA partners AF to help anayse State-level budgets for adaptation and, within this, budgets that benefit women. This gender budget computation helps AF compare whether gender budgets within adaptation do justice to the work-load of women engaged in adaptation practices on the farmland. 

Regional Partners 

Our regional partners work in different agro-climatic zones in four selected states and support us in gathering primary field data on the technical side with CSA and on policy and practice side via documentation of good adaptation practices. AF brings in a strong gender policy perspective to these practices and examines (a) how these practices help or lower the work burden of women and men; and (b) what role government programmes and schemes can play in upscaling these practices, especially to benefit women.


 West Bengal: Development Research Communication and Services Centre (www.drcsc.org) focuses on the two cyclone-prone districts of North and South 24 Paraganas for the purpose of this programme. 

Uttar Pradesh: Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (www.geagindia.org) focuses on the flood-prone district of Gorakhpur in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Uttarakhand: Central Himalayan Environment Association (www.cheaindia.org), focuses in the hilly districts of Almora and Nainital. 

Madhya Pradesh: Vikalp focuses in districts of Tikamgarh and Chhattrarpur in the arid region of Bundelkhand.