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Research Finding

Photo Documentation

30 Sep, 2015

Women in the Frame: A photo-documentation of Women and the Challenge of Climate Change

This is a unique collection of photographs showing women’s vast and varied relationship with India’s environmental resources – land, water, forests and biodiversity – and how this relationship is being affected by climate change.


07 Nov, 2013

Engendering the Climate for Change: Policies and Practices for Gender-just Adaptation

‘Engendering the Climate for Change: Policies and Practices for Gender-just Adaptation’ revealed that successful adaptation to climate change will require recognition of women as critical partners in both driving and delivering solutions, especially in disaster-prone areas.


18 Apr, 2013

Adaptation interventions value local weather data and women's labour

Aberrations in the weather parameters, now a regular phenomenon has an influence on the agriculture based livelihoods. The study undertaken documented viable adoption models in three vulnerable climatic zones viz., Andhra Pradesh (drought prone), Uttar Pradesh (Flood prone) and West Bengal (Cyclone prone). In each state five villages were selected and in them five organic-agriculture practicing farmers and five conventional (chemical) practicing farmers were selected.