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Organizing for Change in Agriculture & Natural Resource Management


WOCAN ensures that women’s role and leadership is well recognized in organizations engaged in agriculture and natural resource management. WOCAN works with the objective of bringing institutional change on a gender perspective. This strategy leads to equal distribution of responsibilities, rights, benefits and power between women and men and could possibly bring organizational transformation for gender equality. WOCAN aims to demonstrate five core Leadership Practices that it considers fundamental to women’s leadership development. These are:

  1. Model the way (find your voice, set the example)
  2. Inspire a shared vision (envision the future, enlist others)
  3. Challenge the process (search for opportunities, experiment and take risks)
  4. Enable others to act (foster collaboration, strengthen others)
  5. Encourage the heart (recognize contributions, celebrate values and victories.

Read more at http://www.wocan.org/