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Home > Knowledge > 2010-2011 The State of Food and Agriculture: Women in Agriculture

2010-2011 The State of Food and Agriculture: Women in Agriculture

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The FAO report, ‘The State of Food and Agriculture 2010-11: Women in Agriculture’, gives an excellent global overview of the current agricultural situation, particularly that of women farmers. Analysis reveals that closing the gender gap will be particularly gainful for agricultural productivity, food security and the society as whole. This is because empowering women farmers will significantly increase farm yields by 20-30 percent. Women across developing countries contribute significantly to the rural economy but their access to resources, opportunities and services are comparatively lesser than men. The Report stresses the need for governments, international communities and civil society to work together in order to eliminate discrimination against women and women farmers. The Report calls for promoting gender equality as a critical element in agricultural development and food security.

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